After crossing the Samoa Bridge heading toward Manila from Eureka, make a right and Ma-le'l Dunes will be down Young Lane on your left. There is a North and South side, each with various trails that branch off in all directions, encompassing coastal dune, forest, wetland, and estuarine ecosystems. After passing by a small forest of Sitka Spruce and Beach Pine, the trail transforms from green pastures to enormous, dunes that are seemingly endless, spreading as far out as the eye can see. The entire time one can hear waves lapping against the shore and taste salt in the air, but with no visual proof of the ocean itself until the very end, which is a rewarding vista. Meanwhile, splashes of wildflowers dot the dunes with bright yellow, purple, and pink hues. It's an incredible feat that these delicate, flowering creatures can root themselves in the ever-moving sand and extract drinking water from the salty sea.

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