Coastal Redwood
by Bailey Fletcher
(an excerpt)

To the ever-living this poem goes
to the stoic ones that silence knows.
Men of science scribe in pen
Sequoia Semperviren
though she has another name
unspoken Virgin Timber.
Blackened inside, hollowed-out by fire
Growing eons ever-higher
Jagged javelins torqued skyward
Steeples for the morning choir.


The corkscrew tree is comprised of about fifteen trees (depending on who’s counting) that grew and twisted together over time. It is a marvel to behold and easy to climb into its sun-dappled center fortress. It’s right off of Drury Scenic Drive, the scenic alternate to 101.


This is The Chandelier Tree in Legget. It’s 315 feet high and about 2400 years old. Driving through this tree fulfilled my father’s childhood fantasy which occurred to him as a young boy in Florida, staring at the cover of his science textbook all year long which was reminiscent of this very image.


It is a common occurrence for redwoods to form a fairy ring (also called a family circle) around where their mother tree used to be. When the parent tree dies, a new generation of trees rise around it, forming a natural cathedral.

Coast redwoods create their own fog by breathing out ample amounts of moisture, usually transpiring as much as 500 gallons a day! That's as much water as an hour long shower.

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This photograph is truly magnificent!!!


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