The Humboldt Made Fair, at Redwood Acres, a mere couple minutes down the road from where we live, began today and the first few hours it was open it was totally free. There were barns for farm animals on one side of the fairgrounds, carnival rides on the other far end, and in the middle were all manner of crafts produced by the fine artisans of this county. One room was dedicated to trains and there were several railroad tracks set up that spanned the perimeter of the room, surrounded by an ornate replica of this area, including redwood trees and entire towns. There were wood-carvers set up in many of the booths, whose talents ranged from carving instruments to clocks, doors, bowls, puzzles, and everything in-between. There were also weavers, fortune-tellers, miners, and a melange of other interesting Humboldt characters. Eric took me on the Ferris Wheel and we saw a tiger, a baby lion, and a wallaby.
    Last Tuesday, Eric and I attended our first Humboldt Crabs baseball game in Arcata with our good friends Cary and Dusty, also seasoned baseball fans, especially the former. When the game began the field was an orange glow from home base onward, but as time passed, night took over. No points were scored until the last two innings when the action became heated. Humboldt Crabs were victorious amid a rowdy crowd roaring their chants.
My friend Cary took this picture of a classic Humboldt moment. The sweatshirts lined up from the left are Lost Coast Brewery's 8 Ball Stout, then Sequoia Park's Brew at the Zoo, and last but not least is Redwood Curtain Brewing Company. Lovin' the Humboldt pride!
A peace sign is carved into a moss-strewn tree at Arcata Park, mostly likely by one of the hippies who live among the redwoods, hidden.
While two humungous statues of Paul Bunyan next to Babe, his blue ox, may seem hokey enough, there are more surprises once you enter the "Trees of Mystery" of highway 101. The first is that Paul Bunyan is actually animatronic, so he blinks, waves, and speaks specifically to the people below. The next is that Babe has balls the size of a Volkswagen. WHY??!
The Sky Trail takes you up into the forest canopy for a fresh perspective of the Giants.
A clever idea to attract a chipmunk, while making it work for it's meal.
A lone worker's glove floats in Humboldt Bay next to the pier.
Although a bit eerie, it stirs the imagination.