A peace sign is carved into a moss-strewn tree at Arcata Park, mostly likely by one of the hippies who live among the redwoods, hidden.
While two humungous statues of Paul Bunyan next to Babe, his blue ox, may seem hokey enough, there are more surprises once you enter the "Trees of Mystery" of highway 101. The first is that Paul Bunyan is actually animatronic, so he blinks, waves, and speaks specifically to the people below. The next is that Babe has balls the size of a Volkswagen. WHY??!
The Sky Trail takes you up into the forest canopy for a fresh perspective of the Giants.
A clever idea to attract a chipmunk, while making it work for it's meal.
A lone worker's glove floats in Humboldt Bay next to the pier.
Although a bit eerie, it stirs the imagination.

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