After two years of wanting to go but not being able to find the time (or afford the $5 entry fee which I later found out was negotiable), I finally woke up early on a Saturday to make the brief 4-hour window of accessibility into the gorgeous Humboldt Botanical Gardens, which is a burgeoning project full of possibility. It's quite a steep hike up the hill behind College of the Redwoods but there are plenty of benches along the way overlooking the bay, and shaded gardens that offer reprieve. The path is lined with kooky modern art projects like string tied to trees and buttons lining the ground, but if anything, they are good for a chuckle. The winner of these artsy fartsy projects is hands-down the phenomenal labyrinth at the end. It's a spiral mound that takes you on a silent, spiritual journey to the center, where traditionally, one meditates until fulfilling the labyrinth's name-sake, "All Happy Now".

The title of this project is appropriately,


The Foxglove, also known as Dead Man's Thimbles, has purple pendent flowers that may look charming but it is one of the most poisonous plants known to man. If leaves, seeds, or flowers are consumed, it brings instant death to all living creatures.


From the top of the hill is a rewarding vista of the wildlife refuge and the bay.

Kelli Fletcher
9/19/2011 06:59:00 am

These photos are making me miss that place SO MUCH!


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