Strawberry Rock is a local secret spot in Trinidad at the top of a colossal rock formation. The only way to get there is through sketchy back-roads and narrow paths that lead to a rock quarry. This afternoon I went for a hike to Strawberry Rock with two of my friends, Carolyna and Bridget. We experienced the feeling of being on top of the world looking down with nothing but ocean ahead of us and trees in all directions. We climbed to the very top and then hiked around the rock at lower levels where Bridget found a mysterious box that she opened curiously. Turns out it was part of Geocaching which is a real-world treasure hunting game. Players usually try to locate hidden containers called geocaches using a GPS but we just happened upon it instead. Inside were little treasures like action figures, pistachios, bubbles, bud, a lighter, a pen, notes, a journal full of entries from people who have found the box before us, and so many more entertaining trinkets. We each left something for the box (a punch-card from a local bakery, a couple keys that no longer fit into anything) which we had on our person and we left individual notes in the journal with the provided pen. How often do you open a random, discarded box to actually discover treasure?! In the end we put away all the little Humboldt moments back into the box and left everything where we'd found it while leaving a little of ourselves behind. 
These are some of the treasures we found in the box.
2/11/2013 01:46:47 am

"Hi Folks.......dear Mz Lisa and her beloved best Gal Pal, Sherlie, had been eager to scope out Strawberry Rock (Trinidad) for some time. Presently, there is/are tree-sitter(s) there protesting lumber company plans to blast it to so long granite heaven. The trek is 3.5 miles from entry it seems, currently over muddy trail with a few trees felled by lumber dudes to discourage noses crossing same. The trekking Ladies bum knees shorted their goal by a half a mile, however, other more youthful explorers on way down shared photos of views. The following views/story from 2011d is why folks explore such "Hidden Treasures"...... Hugs. May the great blue heron always fly your way. Namaste', Guy de Sigh"

Hi Bailey......... Just a wave to thank you for sharing your experience and images of your day at Strawberry Rock. I included your post, pleasingly written narrative, in my email to others about my Friends adventure, an attempt to gain the view(s) that you three obtained. Perhaps the time since your own exploration finds you elsewhere on yet another adventure of a occupational nature. Whatever and wherever, it is hoped your world goes will and that continue(d) to write. May the great blue heron always fly your way. Guy de Uffda!

3/3/2013 02:23:48 pm

I love your pics! I'm one of the folks working with Friends of Trinidad Forest to stop the logging planned around Strawberry Rock. I was wondering if you would let us use some of your pics for organizing the community and doing a documentary video we're putting together. Please e-mail me at and we'll discuss this further. Thanks!

Greg rails back
3/7/2013 07:54:39 am

My family and I just moved mckinleyville and want to visit strawberry rock. If u get this email soon can u call me with advice on where to park and the best way to get there?
My name is Greg and my cell is707 694 5578
Hope to hear from u lost in Trinidad!

8/1/2013 12:18:41 am

Hey Bailey...somehow just saw this. What a beautifully written description to describe our experience. Can't wait to explore more with you. Xo


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