Willie Nelson strolled into town yesterday and played a show at the race tracks under a clear, moonlit night. He started with "Whiskey River", at which point everyone in cowboy hats pulled their flask out of their back pockets and the "ushers" took off their name tags. The finale (besides the encore of folk hymns) was The Humboldt Moment of the night in my humble opinion. We were already in a fog of smoke but when Willie sang "Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die", the crowd went ape shit. Pillars of smoke rose over the drunken masses and we weren't just passing joints, but exchanging them. When I caught one of my Willie-inspired braids on fire trying to light a doobie, I knew that I had just become a Humboldt Moment myself.

9/16/2011 03:04:06 pm

Lovc Love Love. What fabulous Humboldt moments to share with you!


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