Humboldt County is known primarily for its illegal growing operations hidden among the majestic redwood trees but what is often overlooked is the eccentric culture; an unusual blend of hippies, transients, rednecks, college students, a wealthy upper-class, and many more oddball subcultures that I love. When I wake up in the morning I ask myself, "What will my Humboldt moment be today?" and I am never disappointed. These hilarious and often beautiful moments are comprised of the unexpected, for example, a goat sitting in the passenger seat of a passing car or a naked man dancing on the beach with dreadlocks down to his waist or a clan of hippies piling out of a school bus painted with peace signs. Although I've come to expect these oddities, they never cease to surprise me. I've decided to take it upon myself to chronicle these happenings in a blog so that I can share these gloriously strange moments from The Lost Coast with the outside world, and selfishly, so I can remember them forever.
The girl holding the pot leaf is not me. Although I did take the picture ;-)
9/16/2011 01:07:20 pm

I loved your blog. The photos are beautiful, and the commentary by turns, inspirational and humorous. Thanks for a wonderful break in my day - seeing the lovely and unique Northwest moments through your eyes is a delight.


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