This is one of those rare bridges that transports you into another realm, the land of the giants, where one expects to find elven creatures running amok and fairies dancing in the rays of light.
This is a traditional-style family house in the Sumeg village at Patrick's Point State Park. The surviving members of the Yurok tribe built it in the traditional way to keep their history alive. They continue to perform sacred ceremonies there.
A beautiful example of taking something ugly, an abandoned refrigerator and freezer set, and making it humorous. Instead of passerbys forever grimacing at the sight, they may smile or if they’re like me, laugh hysterically.
This is a typical wall of Humboldt fog coming in from the coast.
Peacocks roam free at this pumpkin patch, filled with acres of pumpkins for the taking and a sunflower maze.
10/20/2011 10:03:18 pm

PATRICK's POINT! I miss our road trips to wonderful humbodlt places.


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