Eric and Dusty at the CR course, specifically, The Bowl Hole
    Disc Golf, also referred to as Frisbee Golf (and I've even heard the term "Frolf"), is rapidly evolving to become the most-played sport in Humboldt, especially among the students. There are courses at both campuses (HSU and CR), as well as Manila, Mad River, and Cooper’s Gulch. Most T’s are given names and a popular one around here is “The Bowl Hole” which can be found at any given course, usually engraved or painted somewhere nearby.
A solitary daffodil was tucked into the basket, a random act of kindness from a stranger that made us all smile
The final bridge at the Manila Disc Golf course
And the Winners are...

*Favorite Tee*
One of my favorite tees is throwing off the redwood tree stump at HSU's course.

*Worst hole to loose a disc*
The ultimate place to loose a disc is throwing over the lake at Redwood Curtain's back nine. The least of your worries is the murky lake, but rather the hornets that swarm nearby and chase those who dare enter their vicinity.

*Favorite Disc*
The Innova disc called Tee-Rex is mine.

*The Most Fun Course*
I really like Cooper's Gulch because it's close-by, easy to learn, and although there are a lot of obstacles, it's not easy to loose your disc. Manila course is a close second because of its natural beauty, but loosing discs there is pretty much a given.

12/12/2013 10:21:22 am

Its great to see journalism classes embracing new media, integrating scholastic work with Humboldt based journalism. The only thing I would say is that, as a disc golfer, the article has the appearance of being limited in perspective in that the Quoted comments are typical of beginner players in the college community. Given that the arms of the Par Infinity disc golf organization reach out to HSU's Disc Golf Class, maintenance of courses in the wider area, and organization of tournaments at Ammon Ranch and Birds of Paradise, readers may want to google par infinity disc golf and/or flyin' lynx disc golf if interested in more information
This site doesn't look like it's been used in a while but pages still turn up in search engines. ***wonders if anyone cares**


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