It's about time I do a blog entry on California's official state mollusk. Banana slugs are the decomposers of the redwood forest and your journey into the forest is not complete until you spot one of these suckers, which isn't hard to do because they are very plentiful.
A typical slug can grow from 6 to 10 inches.
When in danger the slug will emit a thick mucus coating
and make their body shorter and fatter!
Banana slugs need a lot of moisture so on a dry day, they are often found next to a creek, wrapping themselves in the moist plants.
Slugs use tentacles to sense their environment.
The "eyestalks" on the top detect light or movement.
Itty bitty baby!
How many banana slugs do you count above? I found 10!
dianne jackson
4/20/2013 02:44:17 am

can you eat banana slugs and how long do they live


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