For the solar eclipse last Sunday, Carolyna and I headed up to the summit of Kneeland where hundreds of others had already gathered to watch the spectacular "ring of fire" show. Of course, the whole shebang ended up being a typical Humboldt moment when big gray clouds rolled in to ruin the fun. The spot on top of Kneeland was beautiful though with green pastures and a birds-eye-view of the trees below. Somehow I managed to snap one shot of the eclipse, although not a spectacular one. Then on the way down Kneeland hill, which is a gnarly, windy road, my engine shut off sporadically, causing my steering wheel and brakes to freeze up. It took a lot of effort to bring my car to a crashing halt at a turn-out, which was miraculously there right when I needed it. The whole event reminded me of Janet's astrological prediction that the eclipse brings devastation and she even told me specifically "do not drive", but alas, I am an astronomy nerd and I couldn't resist the opportunity to see a full eclipse. When it happens again in the next 40 years I will be more prepared. 

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